ProCLAD Awarded Another Terracotta Project in Texas

Friday, October 04, 2013

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Change is coming to the skyline of Austin, Texas.  This decade the Lone Star State capital has experienced an influx of high-rise construction.  A majority of these buildings are hotels and residential apartments, but a 30-story office tower is now being built by Cousins Properties at the corner of 3rd & Colorado streets. Located in Austin's warehouse district, the 396,000 square-foot structure will include street-level retail space, a parking garage, fitness center and conference room for tenants' employees.

The design team of Duda/Paine Architects chose a terracotta wall panel and baguette system to compliment the first-floor glazing element.  The terracotta functions as a heat shield in Austin's hot climate by providing air-flow behind the rainscreen panels which prevents heat buildup in the wall cavity.  ProCLAD's all-natural terracotta wall systems are very popular because they are considered to be sustainable for 80 to 100 years.  Baguettes function as light protection in front of glass, and make a unique architectural statement.