Colorful Phenolic Panels Clad Gateway Apartments in Los Angeles

Monday, May 13, 2013

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The growing population of many U.S metropolitan areas has increased the demand for rental properties which continued to push up rent prices over the last year. Los Angeles is no exception to this economic trend, however, not every citizen can afford these new prices. Affordability for those between 30-50% of the area median income was the ideal tenant envisioned for SRO Housing Corp's Gateway Apartments. On a 22,000 square-foot vacant lot at Fifth and San Pedro in Los Angeles, DBB Architects designed a 6 story low-income apartment building of 108 efficiency units, community rooms and an underground garage.

ProCLAD's rainscreen phenolic system for the project included RevealShield weather barrier and phenolic panels.  RevealShield allows building materials to dry out while keeping bulk water from infiltrating the building envelope.  It also helps to maintain conditions to counteract mold and mildew growth, promoting a healthy building with clean indoor air quality.  The phenolic panels were made in the United States, and had a shorter delivery lead time than offshore products, which was required to meet the accelerated construction schedule.  The 8mm phenolic panels were detailed by DBB Architects in three contrasting colors: Blue Agave, Biltmore Cherry and White.