ProCLAD Rolls Out Integrated Project Delivery to General Contractors

Friday, April 29, 2011

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During the month of April, ProCLAD began conducting meetings with general contractor clients requesting to be considered as an Integrated Project Delivery partner for building envelopes.  The exterior skin of commercial buildings consists of masonry, glazing and panels.  ProCLAD has a high degree of expertise in all types of façade materials, but at times partners with local glazing and masonry contractors to form a team that keeps construction spending within a community, and eliminates conflicts that arise at the transitions of building envelope materials.

The first step in IPD is to employ the "Target Value Design Process" which is to develop early financial targets for a project and design to a detailed estimate instead of estimating a detailed design.  To do this successfully, an envelope contractor like ProCLAD is added early as an IPD partner to investigate the myriad of design alternatives.  "Value Engineering" gets redefined as the combination of components that optimize aesthetics, sustainability and minimize operating costs.

Early selection of ProCLAD as an IPD building envelope contractor is based on many factors: 1) honesty and trustworthiness, 2) financial and operational capability, 3) knowledge and experience, 4) competitive fee schedule, 5) commitment to quality and safety, 6) "open book" estimating, 7) schedule-driven sense of urgency, 8) independent access to suppliers, and 9) appropriate use of technology.  Participation during the design phase provides the opportunity for strong pre-construction planning, more timely and informed understanding of the design, anticipating and resolving design-related issues, visualizing of construction  sequencing prior to construction start, and improving cost control and budget management.